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Targeted Fat Reduction and Lipo in Pembroke Pines, FL

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What Is Targeted Fat Reduction and Lipo?

Even though you try to lose weight, you may still have pockets of fat that keep you from being completely confident in your body. Be Env Wellness and Aesthetics is proud to offer the latest treatments to safely rid fat from the body. Targeted fat reduction and liposuction is a body contouring treatment that uses phosphatidylcholine deoxycholic acid (PCDC) injections to melt away fat from the chin, neck, flanks, tummy, buttocks, and thighs to create a trimmer appearance. Also known as lipodissolve, this fat reduction treatment can be combined to treat several body parts. During your initial visit, board-certified family nurse practitioner Novia Markes will examine problematic areas so you can attain your cosmetic goals. Schedule a consultation at Pembroke Pines, FL today to learn more.

How Does Targeted Fat Reduction and Lipo Work?

Targeted fat reduction and lipo is an outpatient procedure performed at our Pembroke Pines, FL office in one of our private treatment rooms. Before we begin, a local anesthetic will be administered to your treatment region to maximize your comfort. Next, Novia will inject the area with the PCDC solution using a fine-gauge needle. PCDC contains a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which works just like the body's naturally occurring DA to destroy and absorb fat cells. Once it is injected, you should notice a decrease in your stubborn pockets of fat. After this nonsurgical treatment is complete, you will be free to go about your day as there is no downtime.

Melt Away Stubborn Fat

If you are looking to have unwanted fat diminished almost immediately but do not want to undergo surgery, targeted fat reduction and liposuction at Be Env Wellness and Aesthetics may be the right option for you. This revolutionary treatment can dissolve fat through a series of injections, bypassing the need for more invasive methods. We welcome you to call our office in Pembroke Pines, FL to set up your consultation with Novia for phosphatidylcholine deoxycholic acid injections.

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